Choosing a Mover

Choosing a Mover

Choosing a Mover

Larger Move

To help get you started, Westmount will meet with you for an in-home interview. This survey, scheduled at your convenience, generally takes about an hour. Your consultant will:
•    Estimate the weight of your shipment and help you calculate any moving charges for long distance moves

•    Estimate your packing requirements and identify any special items and items that cannot be safely moved

•    Discuss service needs, such as appliance servicing, crating, and shuttle service

•    Review the logistics of the move, including access to the residence and arranging elevator time for high-rises

•    Explain the moving process and discuss any personal requirements you might have like disassembling of items and unpacking at your destination

•    Offer suggestions and options to meet your requirements and budget including full replacement protection

Be sure to show your moving consultant everything that has to be moved – don’t forget all the stuff that can be hiding in storage sheds, attics, basements, garages, and items stored at other locations!